The problem with the American Press is they don’t respect people worthy of respect. They are Narcissists. They see America’s problems as personalities. President Trump will deal with the Border with Mexico in a more complex and constructive manner than his fifth estate critics (infinite in number) can imagine.

Rex Tillerson is an oil man. Unrestrained trucking services are dumped on the American Trucker by Mexican dope interests. They cannot compete with Mexican low priced high Sulfur Fuel which is brought into this country in blatters that feed the narco fleets.

The Federal Ninth Circuit in San Francisco declared Mexican Trucks crossing into America to be verboten. Sulfuric fuel and all that. Both Presidents Bush and then Obama overruled the Federal Court by Executive Order.

The Press didn’t feel there were any Constitutional Issues to be discussed.

American Trucking is in Jeopardy. It isn’t even American anymore. Chi-Coms control all the freight on the West Coast. The aphasic press doesn’t care. Only personalities are discussed-not issues.

The main trucker issues are; ISIS Oil and low freights caused by Narco Trucking.

The entire American West is depressed because of the influx of ISIS Oil. Rex Tillerson must find the source of oil going from Iraq through Turkey. The individual wells must be retaken. The oil logistics must be burned. ISIS must burn.

As far as this author is concerned ; the American Press, such as it is, can burn as well.

President Trump and his War Council should attack within the first one hundred days. NPR urges moderation and wrings its hands.

What is needed is radical aggression against the New World Order.
Burn them to the ground and then roast weenies over their smoldering rat’s ass corpses.