May the US Government subcontract that which it may not do itself? The Fourth Amendment was written to protect the privacy of citizens from unreasonable search and seizures. Warrants were to be issued based upon probable cause and particularly describe the place and thing to be seized. No general warrants could be issued. The recent case of Riley v California was decided unanimously by the Supreme Court. General Warrants are not acceptable. The case involved cell phone data.

When Snowden wrote his now famous program for collection of phone calls he thought he was working against the Red Chinese.

When Snowden determined that the Government wanted “total awareness”, he made the world aware of this misspent power. Goethe’s Faust sold his soul to the devil for infinite knowledge. The government wants all Metadata in the world. They established FISA Courts to oversee the process.

Prism collected all data from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple. They were linked to the British Government Communications HQ.

“The new storage capacity and processing tools enabled NSA to map human relationships on a planetary scale.” – Snowden.

“Advanced persistent threat” was the criterion which upon which the FISA Courts would act.

Instead they gluttonously collected all data in the world. Programs were developed to algorithmize all human conduct. Secret biographies were kept on everyone. Heads of state like Angela Merkel and Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff were routinely tapped and anylised.

The Senate “the graveyard of good judgment” and other government agencies screamed that Snowden had jeopardized national Security.

There has been no proof that he had deleteriously effected the national security state, even a little bit.
Who is the enemy here? Politicians are selling information to oil companies, banks, and insurance companies. Snowden decided to act when he saw how his program was being used-to target the American People not the Red Chinese. Rich people will totally control the market place. Stock markets will be play thing for rich people.

The remnants of the free market will be sucked up and spit out by the servers of the rich.

Labor will never be free again. Electronic slavery will be complete.

When Faust was being dragged to Hell by demons he tries to bargain with the devil again. Give me more time. Does he call of God? No. he is dragged to Hell even though he had infinite knowledge.

The founding Fathers thought privacy a valid goal in and of itself. But privacy is the cauldron of invention, innovation, and free commerce. The US Government hasn’t demonstrated its ability to keep its citizens prosperous, secure, and most importantly free.

Snowden gave up an incredibly lush lifestyle and risked torture and imprisonment to let us see the Matrix.

He is not the enemy. The Government is.