Rex Tillerson as a choice for Secretary of State is bold thrust from President Elect Trump. As the Captain of the Exxon Mobil’s ship he has successfully navigated the oil sea. He has dealt with the world’s poliecons. Massive opposition is coming from Senators McCain and Lindsay. One question looms over the Obama Administration. To whom is ISIS selling oil?

They say that Tillerson is in bed with the Russians.

Russia and Putin in particular, alleged that the US started ISIS to foil Assad in Syria. McCain alleges that Assad used poison gas on his own people. Putin says It’s ISIS rebels and have produced videos of the gas being launched by ISIS. They point to Turkey and satellite photos of ISIS oil being moved over the frontier and then to the Turkish Coast.

The Democrats and their Republican stooges have tried to start World War III. It’s about money and oil again.

Some reckoning approaches. Will Tillerson allow the dangerous deranged lies of the past Presidency to continue to accrue?

I think not.