There was a time that Americans could read something other than that Literary Fiction krap shoved down our throats by limp wristed Harvard, Yale, Wellesley, and Sara Lawrence dilatants, opining with effected sibilant lisps.

Pulp Fiction was the good stuff. Sci Fi, detective-crime, road racing, and adventure was what we craved. The covers were thin glossy paper with art work depicting things like a dejected spaceman having his space ship pulled out of the mud by an alien beast of burden while its google eyed alien master prodded the creature with a stick. Stories like Lobotomy Shoals depicting a fish herding scuba diver riding his lobotomized shark; never realizing that he too had had his mind altered, made our day.

Pulp Adventure is back.

Based on my experience as a Criminal Trial Lawyer and my personal knowledge of the Mexican Border the characters in The RV are alive. You will enter the reality of Leslie Ann, Norma, and Millie, kidnapped by sex kidnappers. Border Patrolman Hector Munoz, Oil man Ian, Weed smugglers Jefe Bob and Ramone will be your new Pulp World.
You will fly gyrocopters, fight cartel bad guys, deal with midget assassins hidden in garbage cans, and listen to the advice of Coover D Cat.

You will live in the RV. You will escape with them, fight with them and laugh with them. Your reality will be suspended and replaced RV Reality.

Pulp Adventure is back-this is what you want to read.