Ian D’eath, one of the heroes of The RV, is an Oil Man. I have spent years as an oil buyer myself. I have traveled and worked from the Canadian Border to the Rio Grande, where the novel is set.

The hottest diatribes heard in the oil field today can be summed up thusly; “who the fuck is fixing oil prices?” From Alaska to Mexico a severe depression has crippled the west. Oil prices and oil transportation prices are much lower than the cost to produce and ship. Oil is being dumped onto the market. Foreign oil is pissed into the Port of Houston every day. The price of Brent crude has been shoved down lower than from whence the oil came. Prices Fixed- but by whom; and how? There is no doubt that the Saudis have given away oil to American Oil companies just to screw Iran, Libya, and Venezuela. Gadhafi was sodomized and then assassinated by our new Arab Spring friends because he wanted to introduce a gold for oil scheme into the world oil market. By treaty oil is bought in Petro Dollars. China possesses 23 trillion American Dollars. Without the Petro Dollar architectural support America would be at the complete mercy of the Red Chinese.

So what oil companies are buying oil from ISIS and trucking it over the Turkish Border and then shipping it out to be cleansed? This is a much more pressing problem than blood diamonds. Turkey is preparing to invade Iraq, Syria, the Proto State of Kurdistan, and Lebanon. It’s about the Benjamins, not fundamentalists. Kurds are not terrorists they are victims. Hilleary Clinton admitted that the State Department was the progenitor of ISIS. When Libya erupted the rebels did not scream Allah Akbar. They were rebelling because in a country the size of the continental US with only three million people they weren’t getting any oil revenue for themselves. The press would have us believe the issue is Secretary Clinton’s e mails. Ambassador Christopher said “America is here for you.” He was right. America was there for their oil; their money. Now Libya is ISIS.

The entire world must have the magic spice that bends time and space. The spice must flow-but only through the right sources. It’s about world domination again.

This blog is also about oil, money, and death.