Czechoslovakia in the mid twentieth century knew that its neighbors, Russia and Germany could eat them. President Benesh played every intelligence and diplomatic game he could to keep his country in existence.

He understood that Communism was not the answer to Fascism. Extreme forms of government have much more in common with each other than with Democracies. The ineffectual Weimar Republic caused Hitler more than Hitler caused Hitler. It didn’t work. It was nontechnocratic. Liberal wonderfulness was supposed to allow industry to grow. In fact, printing money by the truck load had the opposite effect. No attempt to reindustrialize was made. Platitudes instead of steel were supposed to reignite Germany.

Moderation in action breeds Liberals. Liberals breed Liberals. Government of the government by the government for the government is the result. Moderation does not build factories. Compromise is the salve of fuzzy thinking.

After Trump was elected NPR had radio programs that urged moderation and compromise. Panic ensued in the Liberal camp after the Presidential election. Liberal cheerleaders are still everywhere. They have no real ideas except continuing what is now called the Deep State.

What is needed is a fourth industrial revolution. The first Industrial Revolution was driven by coal and steam. The Second in the late Nineteenth Century was lit by the light of electricity. The third was information driven. The computer became king.

We need to recombine all techno revolutions to give birth to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In able to reindustrialize the world must ignore right wingism which only benefits rich people who hide their presence behind shell companies and computers. Right Wingism is not pure Capitalism. Free Enterprise does not exist except at flea markets. Entitled classes bribe the politician who in turn sell workers over to them as effective slaves.

The left has no technical ideas at all. Global Warming and cries of clean environment do not allow products to be made. The say no to people and enforce the big “no”. Civil rights are no longer discussed, only the environment.

The American Trucking Industry is a prime example. In 2005, politically designed diesel engines were mandated. Added to the big three: Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit, were something called regeneration pipes. DEF was also mandated. Chemicals thrown onto hot pipes to “clean up the exhaust,” were added.

The Democrats. especially California Democrats, were now inventers. The confused Republicans went along with this nonscientific “advance.” Al Gore would make a fortune off of DEF. An inconvenient truth and the pseudo solution is still in effect. The problem is; engines do not work. In order to get them to work the truck owner must buy a “dereg kit” neutralizing all the new accoutrements of these California engines.

Regeneration trucks still stall in the middle of the highway while regenerating. The 2000 degree pipes will ignite crude oil vapor at pumping stations. Massive explosions like the one near Victoria Texas prompted the oil industry to ban regen trucks from hauling oil. The nitrogen exuded from the stacks of regen trucks has killed trees next to Route 95 on the East Coast.

Africans, Russians, and South Americans have bought up pre-2005 trucks leaving ridiculously expensive inferior trucks on the market. The American Trucker is about to become extinct.

These Regen trucks are still the only trucks built in America. Politically designed they make American Technology inferior by law.

California Liberals got their way. The Republicans had compromised.

Can you imagine a guy coming into a service garage with an engine complaint? The service manager instead of fixing the engine replaces it with cabbages. The car owner returns and turns the key. Nothing happens. The service manager smiles and tells the car owner that he now was a “green car”.

“But it doesn’t work.” replies the car owner.

“I’ll put some more cabbages under the hood then.” Is the service manager’s reply.

Compromise and moderation will not rebuild technical America.

Impressing political solutions on technology will not work. If something is technically correct it is beautiful.

We need to build real diesel engines for real semi-trucks. The Liberals prevented Caterpillar from making engines for eight years.

If real technology could prosper, the economy of America will take off like a big blue ass bird.