Border Wars

The RV: A Pulp Adventure Novel by Keith A. Suek


Federal Judge James Robart quashed President Trump’s Executive Order limiting certain immigrants from entering the country earlier this year. In effect, he and his goofy clansmen the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who sustained the judicial order, committed a coup d’état. They now are preventing the President from controlling the border.

Section 11829(f) of Title 8 Federal Code gives the control of the border to the president. So does the Constitution.

The Goofiloids of the main stream press are manically harping on the President pulling the US out of the Climate Accords, a left wing feel good globalist method of destroying all American Industry. Its goofy news.

So what is the real news? Certainly, the left-wing neutering the President is news. Why is the border important?

One reason is H7N9 Red Chinese Bird Flu. Over the past few months it has mutated. An E event (pandemic) is now likely. It can now be passed from human to human. The fatality rate is now 53%. Epidemiologists are not prepared for the pandemic. A vector for virus is a synonym for a guy who gets off a plane or comes through the border near Seattle (Vancouver BC 60% Chinese). The disease will spread exponentially. If North Korea manipulates Avian Influenza we could be exterminated within 3 months.

The only good news would be that the left wingers on the left coast who effectuated the coup would die first.

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  1. Sergeant Roscoe P. Hammerkaupf

    June 13, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Simple research from CDC. This is, of course, understated as to the risk.
    As of January 16, 2017, Chinese health authorities have confirmed 460 new human cases of avian influenza A (H7N9) to the World Health Organization since September 2016. Most of these patients reported exposure to live poultry or poultry markets. A few cases of H7N9 have been reported outside of mainland China but most of these infections have occurred among people who had traveled to mainland China before becoming ill.

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