Aside from killing an individual brainwashing is the best way to control and individual or group.

Trammeling individual thought so it accepts propaganda as the truth is an art and science. The NSA spends a billion dollar a year using psychiatrists to gauge not only how the masses in the enemy camp think; but what do individual Americans think. What will they accept. What is the best way to use confirmation bias? How fast will they accept a false flag operations? How best does the ruling class use the “press”?

Hitler and Goebbels were good at it.

They were amateurs compared with the two new modern masters; Kim Jung Un and ISIS.

When Lenin was asked what the purpose of terrorism was he replied “terror.”
Terror is the pallet all master terrorists paint from. Terror, however, can get people to do what leader wants-but subdural beliefs persists. Common decency, love, respect of “other” are hard to stamp out. How has ISIS, other Islamists and the Kim family succeeded so completely?

The answer is doing away with music.

When stroke victims lose a hemisphere of a brain the only thing that lights it up is music. Taliban used music tapes as decorations on telephone poles. In North Korea, only atonal martial music can be played. It is just noise. Almost no North Korean has ever heard Beethoven let alone The Rolling Stones. ISIS has a low guttural chant that accompanies beheadings. They have succeeded in putting the brain’s lights out.

Once the brain has been washed clean of the joy of music it is just gray goo with a few active synapses. Walking goo is all these degenerate societies what or need.

In the future, not only guns will be banned from perverse tyrannical societies, but the well metered brain anarchy of music.