Border Wars

The RV: A Pulp Adventure Novel by Keith A. Suek


May the US Government subcontract that which it may not do itself? The Fourth Amendment was written to protect the privacy of citizens from unreasonable search and seizures. Warrants were to be issued based upon probable cause and particularly describe the place and thing to be seized. No general warrants could be issued. The recent case of Riley v California was decided unanimously by the Supreme Court. General Warrants are not acceptable. The case involved cell phone data.

When Snowden wrote his now famous program for collection of phone calls he thought he was working against the Red Chinese.

When Snowden determined that the Government wanted “total awareness”, he made the world aware of this misspent power. Goethe’s Faust sold his soul to the devil for infinite knowledge. The government wants all Metadata in the world. They established FISA Courts to oversee the process.

Prism collected all data from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple. They were linked to the British Government Communications HQ.

“The new storage capacity and processing tools enabled NSA to map human relationships on a planetary scale.” – Snowden.

“Advanced persistent threat” was the criterion which upon which the FISA Courts would act.

Instead they gluttonously collected all data in the world. Programs were developed to algorithmize all human conduct. Secret biographies were kept on everyone. Heads of state like Angela Merkel and Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff were routinely tapped and anylised.

The Senate “the graveyard of good judgment” and other government agencies screamed that Snowden had jeopardized national Security.

There has been no proof that he had deleteriously effected the national security state, even a little bit.
Who is the enemy here? Politicians are selling information to oil companies, banks, and insurance companies. Snowden decided to act when he saw how his program was being used-to target the American People not the Red Chinese. Rich people will totally control the market place. Stock markets will be play thing for rich people.

The remnants of the free market will be sucked up and spit out by the servers of the rich.

Labor will never be free again. Electronic slavery will be complete.

When Faust was being dragged to Hell by demons he tries to bargain with the devil again. Give me more time. Does he call of God? No. he is dragged to Hell even though he had infinite knowledge.

The founding Fathers thought privacy a valid goal in and of itself. But privacy is the cauldron of invention, innovation, and free commerce. The US Government hasn’t demonstrated its ability to keep its citizens prosperous, secure, and most importantly free.

Snowden gave up an incredibly lush lifestyle and risked torture and imprisonment to let us see the Matrix.

He is not the enemy. The Government is.


Federal Judge James Robart quashed President Trump’s Executive Order limiting certain immigrants from entering the country earlier this year. In effect, he and his goofy clansmen the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who sustained the judicial order, committed a coup d’état. They now are preventing the President from controlling the border.

Section 11829(f) of Title 8 Federal Code gives the control of the border to the president. So does the Constitution.

The Goofiloids of the main stream press are manically harping on the President pulling the US out of the Climate Accords, a left wing feel good globalist method of destroying all American Industry. Its goofy news.

So what is the real news? Certainly, the left-wing neutering the President is news. Why is the border important?

One reason is H7N9 Red Chinese Bird Flu. Over the past few months it has mutated. An E event (pandemic) is now likely. It can now be passed from human to human. The fatality rate is now 53%. Epidemiologists are not prepared for the pandemic. A vector for virus is a synonym for a guy who gets off a plane or comes through the border near Seattle (Vancouver BC 60% Chinese). The disease will spread exponentially. If North Korea manipulates Avian Influenza we could be exterminated within 3 months.

The only good news would be that the left wingers on the left coast who effectuated the coup would die first.


Ian D’eath, one of the heroes of The RV, is an Oil Man. I have spent years as an oil buyer myself. I have traveled and worked from the Canadian Border to the Rio Grande, where the novel is set.

The hottest diatribes heard in the oil field today can be summed up thusly; “who the fuck is fixing oil prices?” From Alaska to Mexico a severe depression has crippled the west. Oil prices and oil transportation prices are much lower than the cost to produce and ship. Oil is being dumped onto the market. Foreign oil is pissed into the Port of Houston every day. The price of Brent crude has been shoved down lower than from whence the oil came. Prices Fixed- but by whom; and how? There is no doubt that the Saudis have given away oil to American Oil companies just to screw Iran, Libya, and Venezuela. Gadhafi was sodomized and then assassinated by our new Arab Spring friends because he wanted to introduce a gold for oil scheme into the world oil market. By treaty oil is bought in Petro Dollars. China possesses 23 trillion American Dollars. Without the Petro Dollar architectural support America would be at the complete mercy of the Red Chinese.

So what oil companies are buying oil from ISIS and trucking it over the Turkish Border and then shipping it out to be cleansed? This is a much more pressing problem than blood diamonds. Turkey is preparing to invade Iraq, Syria, the Proto State of Kurdistan, and Lebanon. It’s about the Benjamins, not fundamentalists. Kurds are not terrorists they are victims. Hilleary Clinton admitted that the State Department was the progenitor of ISIS. When Libya erupted the rebels did not scream Allah Akbar. They were rebelling because in a country the size of the continental US with only three million people they weren’t getting any oil revenue for themselves. The press would have us believe the issue is Secretary Clinton’s e mails. Ambassador Christopher said “America is here for you.” He was right. America was there for their oil; their money. Now Libya is ISIS.

The entire world must have the magic spice that bends time and space. The spice must flow-but only through the right sources. It’s about world domination again.

This blog is also about oil, money, and death.


The problem with the American Press is they don’t respect people worthy of respect. They are Narcissists. They see America’s problems as personalities. President Trump will deal with the Border with Mexico in a more complex and constructive manner than his fifth estate critics (infinite in number) can imagine.

Rex Tillerson is an oil man. Unrestrained trucking services are dumped on the American Trucker by Mexican dope interests. They cannot compete with Mexican low priced high Sulfur Fuel which is brought into this country in blatters that feed the narco fleets.

The Federal Ninth Circuit in San Francisco declared Mexican Trucks crossing into America to be verboten. Sulfuric fuel and all that. Both Presidents Bush and then Obama overruled the Federal Court by Executive Order.

The Press didn’t feel there were any Constitutional Issues to be discussed.

American Trucking is in Jeopardy. It isn’t even American anymore. Chi-Coms control all the freight on the West Coast. The aphasic press doesn’t care. Only personalities are discussed-not issues.

The main trucker issues are; ISIS Oil and low freights caused by Narco Trucking.

The entire American West is depressed because of the influx of ISIS Oil. Rex Tillerson must find the source of oil going from Iraq through Turkey. The individual wells must be retaken. The oil logistics must be burned. ISIS must burn.

As far as this author is concerned ; the American Press, such as it is, can burn as well.

President Trump and his War Council should attack within the first one hundred days. NPR urges moderation and wrings its hands.

What is needed is radical aggression against the New World Order.
Burn them to the ground and then roast weenies over their smoldering rat’s ass corpses.


Rex Tillerson as a choice for Secretary of State is bold thrust from President Elect Trump. As the Captain of the Exxon Mobil’s ship he has successfully navigated the oil sea. He has dealt with the world’s poliecons. Massive opposition is coming from Senators McCain and Lindsay. One question looms over the Obama Administration. To whom is ISIS selling oil?

They say that Tillerson is in bed with the Russians.

Russia and Putin in particular, alleged that the US started ISIS to foil Assad in Syria. McCain alleges that Assad used poison gas on his own people. Putin says It’s ISIS rebels and have produced videos of the gas being launched by ISIS. They point to Turkey and satellite photos of ISIS oil being moved over the frontier and then to the Turkish Coast.

The Democrats and their Republican stooges have tried to start World War III. It’s about money and oil again.

Some reckoning approaches. Will Tillerson allow the dangerous deranged lies of the past Presidency to continue to accrue?

I think not.


Aside from killing an individual brainwashing is the best way to control and individual or group.

Trammeling individual thought so it accepts propaganda as the truth is an art and science. The NSA spends a billion dollar a year using psychiatrists to gauge not only how the masses in the enemy camp think; but what do individual Americans think. What will they accept. What is the best way to use confirmation bias? How fast will they accept a false flag operations? How best does the ruling class use the “press”?

Hitler and Goebbels were good at it.

They were amateurs compared with the two new modern masters; Kim Jung Un and ISIS.

When Lenin was asked what the purpose of terrorism was he replied “terror.”
Terror is the pallet all master terrorists paint from. Terror, however, can get people to do what leader wants-but subdural beliefs persists. Common decency, love, respect of “other” are hard to stamp out. How has ISIS, other Islamists and the Kim family succeeded so completely?

The answer is doing away with music.

When stroke victims lose a hemisphere of a brain the only thing that lights it up is music. Taliban used music tapes as decorations on telephone poles. In North Korea, only atonal martial music can be played. It is just noise. Almost no North Korean has ever heard Beethoven let alone The Rolling Stones. ISIS has a low guttural chant that accompanies beheadings. They have succeeded in putting the brain’s lights out.

Once the brain has been washed clean of the joy of music it is just gray goo with a few active synapses. Walking goo is all these degenerate societies what or need.

In the future, not only guns will be banned from perverse tyrannical societies, but the well metered brain anarchy of music.


Child sex trafficking in Washington, Saudi Arabia, England is finally being uncovered.   A former President is a pedophile as is the next president of the United States.  The RV is centered on the struggle against Child Sex Trafficking.   Ruby Ring, the child buyer in the RV is the equivalent of Jeffery Epstien.

The architecture of blackmail is the reason we don’t hear about it.   J Edger Hoover had lists of sexual indiscretions on everyone who was anybody.  Yet he and Clyde Tolson lived together for 50 years, if not in a homosexual relationship, doing a perfect imitation of that relationship.

In the struggle of good versus evil, the darkest of the dark side is crimes against children.   Most people have lost their sense of outrage.

The RV is about that struggle.


Czechoslovakia in the mid twentieth century knew that its neighbors, Russia and Germany could eat them. President Benesh played every intelligence and diplomatic game he could to keep his country in existence.

He understood that Communism was not the answer to Fascism. Extreme forms of government have much more in common with each other than with Democracies. The ineffectual Weimar Republic caused Hitler more than Hitler caused Hitler. It didn’t work. It was nontechnocratic. Liberal wonderfulness was supposed to allow industry to grow. In fact, printing money by the truck load had the opposite effect. No attempt to reindustrialize was made. Platitudes instead of steel were supposed to reignite Germany.

Moderation in action breeds Liberals. Liberals breed Liberals. Government of the government by the government for the government is the result. Moderation does not build factories. Compromise is the salve of fuzzy thinking.

After Trump was elected NPR had radio programs that urged moderation and compromise. Panic ensued in the Liberal camp after the Presidential election. Liberal cheerleaders are still everywhere. They have no real ideas except continuing what is now called the Deep State.

What is needed is a fourth industrial revolution. The first Industrial Revolution was driven by coal and steam. The Second in the late Nineteenth Century was lit by the light of electricity. The third was information driven. The computer became king.

We need to recombine all techno revolutions to give birth to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In able to reindustrialize the world must ignore right wingism which only benefits rich people who hide their presence behind shell companies and computers. Right Wingism is not pure Capitalism. Free Enterprise does not exist except at flea markets. Entitled classes bribe the politician who in turn sell workers over to them as effective slaves.

The left has no technical ideas at all. Global Warming and cries of clean environment do not allow products to be made. The say no to people and enforce the big “no”. Civil rights are no longer discussed, only the environment.

The American Trucking Industry is a prime example. In 2005, politically designed diesel engines were mandated. Added to the big three: Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit, were something called regeneration pipes. DEF was also mandated. Chemicals thrown onto hot pipes to “clean up the exhaust,” were added.

The Democrats. especially California Democrats, were now inventers. The confused Republicans went along with this nonscientific “advance.” Al Gore would make a fortune off of DEF. An inconvenient truth and the pseudo solution is still in effect. The problem is; engines do not work. In order to get them to work the truck owner must buy a “dereg kit” neutralizing all the new accoutrements of these California engines.

Regeneration trucks still stall in the middle of the highway while regenerating. The 2000 degree pipes will ignite crude oil vapor at pumping stations. Massive explosions like the one near Victoria Texas prompted the oil industry to ban regen trucks from hauling oil. The nitrogen exuded from the stacks of regen trucks has killed trees next to Route 95 on the East Coast.

Africans, Russians, and South Americans have bought up pre-2005 trucks leaving ridiculously expensive inferior trucks on the market. The American Trucker is about to become extinct.

These Regen trucks are still the only trucks built in America. Politically designed they make American Technology inferior by law.

California Liberals got their way. The Republicans had compromised.

Can you imagine a guy coming into a service garage with an engine complaint? The service manager instead of fixing the engine replaces it with cabbages. The car owner returns and turns the key. Nothing happens. The service manager smiles and tells the car owner that he now was a “green car”.

“But it doesn’t work.” replies the car owner.

“I’ll put some more cabbages under the hood then.” Is the service manager’s reply.

Compromise and moderation will not rebuild technical America.

Impressing political solutions on technology will not work. If something is technically correct it is beautiful.

We need to build real diesel engines for real semi-trucks. The Liberals prevented Caterpillar from making engines for eight years.

If real technology could prosper, the economy of America will take off like a big blue ass bird.


There was a time that Americans could read something other than that Literary Fiction krap shoved down our throats by limp wristed Harvard, Yale, Wellesley, and Sara Lawrence dilatants, opining with effected sibilant lisps.

Pulp Fiction was the good stuff. Sci Fi, detective-crime, road racing, and adventure was what we craved. The covers were thin glossy paper with art work depicting things like a dejected spaceman having his space ship pulled out of the mud by an alien beast of burden while its google eyed alien master prodded the creature with a stick. Stories like Lobotomy Shoals depicting a fish herding scuba diver riding his lobotomized shark; never realizing that he too had had his mind altered, made our day.

Pulp Adventure is back.

Based on my experience as a Criminal Trial Lawyer and my personal knowledge of the Mexican Border the characters in The RV are alive. You will enter the reality of Leslie Ann, Norma, and Millie, kidnapped by sex kidnappers. Border Patrolman Hector Munoz, Oil man Ian, Weed smugglers Jefe Bob and Ramone will be your new Pulp World.
You will fly gyrocopters, fight cartel bad guys, deal with midget assassins hidden in garbage cans, and listen to the advice of Coover D Cat.

You will live in the RV. You will escape with them, fight with them and laugh with them. Your reality will be suspended and replaced RV Reality.

Pulp Adventure is back-this is what you want to read.

The RV by Keith A. Suek

On the Rio Grande oilman Ian D’eath, Border Patrolman Hector Munoz and weed smugglers Jefe Bob and Ramone fight a desperate battle against the Arana Cartel. When intelligence reveals that young girls have been kidnapped by sex traffickers and held in San Cristobel, the Capital of the Cartel, a rescue attempt is initiated. Using stolen helicopters and gyrocopters the ad hoc army invades the Cartel stronghold.

The rescuers discover a body harvesting operation using Indians as involuntary donors. The rescue is successful.

The men decide to de facto adopt three of the orphan girls to save them from the cartel. The girls in turn adopt the cartel. The girls in turn adopt Coover D Cat who has semi magical attributes.

Book One ends as Ian has to decide if he will give the girls away. The girls will do anything to stay with Ian.

Each chapter is constructed to evoke a different emotion. Fear, joy, disconsolation, suspense, excitement, love, hatred are architectural pillars of the story. I feel therefore I am.

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