On the Rio Grande oilman Ian D’eath, Border Patrolman Hector Munoz and weed smugglers Jefe Bob and Ramone fight a desperate battle against the Arana Cartel. When intelligence reveals that young girls have been kidnapped by sex traffickers and held in San Cristobel, the Capital of the Cartel, a rescue attempt is initiated. Using stolen helicopters and gyrocopters the ad hoc army invades the Cartel stronghold.

The rescuers discover a body harvesting operation using Indians as involuntary donors. The rescue is successful.

The men decide to de facto adopt three of the orphan girls to save them from the cartel. The girls in turn adopt the cartel. The girls in turn adopt Coover D Cat who has semi magical attributes.

Book One ends as Ian has to decide if he will give the girls away. The girls will do anything to stay with Ian.

Each chapter is constructed to evoke a different emotion. Fear, joy, disconsolation, suspense, excitement, love, hatred are architectural pillars of the story. I feel therefore I am.